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Spy Keylogger Software


Product Code:151

This is special software with which you will know all activities in your computer, you can secretly track all activities including all area of the system as email sent, file operation and you can also take screen snap shot at set interval just like surveillance camera direct point at computer monitor. You can buy this product from Spy Keylogger Software in Delhi India by online store at reasonable price so contact your nearest manufacturer or dealer of this product from nearest spy shop.

The person can monitor all the activities include all the documents email and other stuff due its huge storage capacity it can store all data either it is email, document or password etc. The owner of keylogger can retrieve the data from the keylogger at any time.

There are three types of keyloggers first is ps/2 model which has same fitting as standard ps/2 keyboard, second is USB model which is compatible with all modern keyboard and third which can concealed within the keyboard itself since it is hidden so no one can detect it.

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