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Spy Keylogger Software


Product Code:066

Spy Keylogger - Spy Key Logger is device which automatically stores all data in internal memory of the computer, whatever type of keywords either it is email or password they are store in an internal memory storage device within the keylogger. The owner of the keylogger can then retrieve the data from the keylogger at any time. Spy Keylogger in Delhi India has wide range of this device you can buy this device from nearest online store so contact your nearest manufacturer of this device, where you can buy our products at reasonable price.

There are three type of keylogger- ps/2 model, which has the same fitting as a standard ps/2 keyboard; other type is USB model which is compatible with all modern keyboards and third type of keylogger is one concealed within the computer keyboard itself it is hidden in the keyboard so no one can detect it with this device parents can monitor the internet activity of their kid.

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